How Does Premium Plan Work

Enock Kiprono -

In order for us to assist you with registration process for your Limited Company (Lite Plan), you will need to follow the process below;

Phase 1: Name Search

In Phase 1, you will need to provide us with up-to 2 company name search suggestions.

In order for us to being with the name search, you will be required to make payment of Ksh. 500 to cover the cost.

Our official payment options can be found here -

Phase 2: Memorandum & Article of Association

In Phase 2, you will need to collect the following requirements and submit to us in order for our advocates to prepare the Memorandum & Article of Association;

1. Nature of Business - For example real estate, road construction, business consultant, tours & travel.
2. Full names for each of the director.
3. Occupation for each of the director.
4. Postal address for each of the director.
5. Shares allocation - how much ownership will each director have in the company e.g. 60%/40%, 50%/50%.
6. Copy of ID/Passport for each director.
7. Copy of KRA PIN Certificate for each director (Applicable to Kenyans)
8. Passport Photo for each director - make sure it has a clear white background.

Payment: Ksh. 8,500

Phase 3: Stamp Duty & Company Registry Submission

In Phase 3, once you've signed your Memorandum & Article of Association and provided us with proof of identity documents, we will proceed to pay for stamp duty and company registry fees.

Payment: Ksh. 9,000

Phase 4: Handover of Certificate of Incorporation

In Phase 4, we will pick up your Certificate of Incorporation together with Memorandum & Article of Association from Company Registry so we can have it delivered to you or you can pick up from our courier company office located Harambee Avenue in Nairobi, whichever is convenient for you.

Payment: Ksh. 2,500

Phase 5: Delivery Details

In Phase 5, you will need to provide with us the following delivery details of the person who will be responsible for collecting your documents.

1. Full names:
2. ID Number:
3. Phone Number:
4. Destination of Delivery:
5. Preferred courier company - e.g. G4S, Easycoach, Mololine, Coastbus etc.

Please note that we only do delivery within Kenya. International delivery will incur additional cost depending on the destination and courier company to be used such as DHL, UPS, FEDEX

Phase 6: Logo Design & Business Card Design

In Phase 6, you will be requested by our partner Tepken Design to collect requirements that will be used in brainstorming and designing of your company branding.

Payment: Ksh. 3,000

Phase 7: Web Design

In Phase 7, our partner Cherimoya Solutions Ltd will email you an Overview which will guide you on what you need to provide them so to help start building an online presence for your company. 

Cherimoya will secure for you domain name (.com) and web hosting services. You will need to provide them with your suggested domain name after name search results are out in Phase 1. You will also need to have your email addresses suggestions ready to be created e.g. or

Payment: Ksh. 7,000

IMPORTANT! Payment for each phases will be required to be made in full in order for each Phase(s) to start. Our official payment options can be found on this link - You can choose what is convenient for you.

If you have any questions about the above phases, please do let us know by leaving a comment below.

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